Bloom - a modern learning platform

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It can replace your LMS or work alongside it.
The first learning platform to truly support the Adapt Learning Framework content, Bloom is an Adaptive, learner centric, context driven, informal, online & mobile, collaborative platform.

Bloom feature overview

Developed by our team, we've designed Bloom from the ground up around the Adapt Learning platform. Finally an authoring tool that produces an industry known framework, and an LMS designed for content.


In-depth details and statistics on your learners and their behaviour. Take a high level view across your learners or drill down to a learner's own course results and tailor their course to them.

Details and statistics of your learners

Learning Paths

Build a learning path with Trails and guide your learners to certification and success.

Build a learning path


Keep your learners motivated and engaged with Achievements featuring Points, Stars, Badges and a badge builder for self-certification.

Gamify your courses

Social Learning

Social learning with 'My Communities'. Set activities, interact and keep in touch with your learners. Let new learners interact with people who have taken the course and enable true collaboration.

Create communities for your learners


Bloom knows learners aren't all the same. Set dashboards for groups of learners, or let them create their own - learners can build the system to suit them.

Customize your dashboard


Students can see what courses they have coming up. Teachers can make sure they're setting useful targets and helping to drive their student's learning.

Timeline to show learners whats available

Revised approach

Bookshelf lets learners flag what's important to them in a course. Interact with bookshelf to save the information you need for later.

Bookmark important parts of the course


Not every question has a straight answer. Assignments lets the leader or teacher mark and suggest changes to the learners answer. A true two way classroom interaction.

Mark assignments and give feedback to learners

Learner setup

Setup learners using templates, save time and dedicate more energy to empowering your students.

Templates for learners


Real-time in-system messaging means your students will know the instant they're added to a course, assignment or discussion group.

Real time notification display

Course management

Show or Hide courses, make them available for certain people or set them as optional, it's up to you with Bloom's easy to use course management.

Manage your courses

Works with Evolve and the Adapt Learning Framework

Bloom works seamlessly with Evolve to give you a powerful set of tools to build a great learning experience.

Evolve authoring tool


Content creation, anywhere.

Explore Evolve